Our anti-microbial A/C Filters are specially designed to stop 90-95% of the dust in your home or office.  Our A/C Filter is made of Dual-Ply Dustlok® polyester fibers with an anti-microbial adhesive that eliminates microbes in the air that cause allergies.  To read more click here.



All of our A/C Filters are custom made-to-fit.  You can have the confidence that you A/C Filter fits correctly and prevents the dust and air born particles to pass through your A/C Unit.  When joining The FilterClub one of our trained professionals will arrive at your home or workplace and measure your A/C Unit to ensure we build the correct size. It only takes a few minutes to build your Filter frame right outside your front door.  After your custom made-to-fit filter frame is built we will install your first filter at no additional charge.



You will never have to leave the house to purchase an A/C Filter again.  You can receive your A/C Filters once a month by mail or choose to receive a 6-12 month supply at one time delivered to your door.