Zuriel Carbo | CEO of The FilterClub

Zuriel Carbo | CEO of The FilterClub

The FilterClub has been family owned and operated since it was founded by Jose Carbo in 2001.  The Carbo family continues to offer its customer's custom made to fit frames, and high quality antimicrobial air conditioning filters to this day.

In November of the year 2000, the Carbo family A/C unit broke down.  The repair technician advised us that the A/C filter was not the right size for the unit (because the local hardware store or grocer didn't carry the correct size), and had not been changed in over 3 months (because who remembers to change their filter on a monthly basis?).  This was the diagnosis that caused the air conditioning unit to break down.  Jose decided to find a solution to this common problem in most households.  How to custom fit a quality air filter, into different size air conditioning units.  Jose began this journey and found a family friend who was selling commercial grade filters to hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings .  After great effort and research, they found an orange and white polyester base filter with a sticky antimicrobial adhesive. This continues to be the same high quality filter The FilterClub uses to this day to service all of its members.  

After several years of development, Jose and his son Zuriel, developed a thriving home delivery filter business. Zuriel eventually took on more of a leadership role, and due to The FilterClub's continual growth progress, Jose turned over ownership and management responsibilities to his capable son.

Together they have held up the integrity of the business, and continued to adapt to the needs of all their members.

The future of The FilterClub is bright. People continue to search for high quality air filters, proven to significantly lower the amount of dust in their home, as well as having a custom made to fit frame to house the filter. The Filter Club wants to perform that service for you. We strive to continue developing cutting edge and more efficient ways to service our over 5,000 customers.